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If you’re looking for natural healthcare for your family in Thunder Bay, this is the place to be. Dr. C.M. Gibson, ND, is accepting new patients of all ages at Cornerstone Clinic on Memorial Avenue in Thunder Bay.

Natural Healthcare – Natural Health

Naturopathic medicine is an excellent way to reach your health goals, and help keep your family as healthy as they can be – from before birth to end of life. It focuses on using natural, traditional treatments to improve health, prevent illness, and manage health conditions of all kinds.

A Naturopathic Doctor Can Help You

Naturopathic doctors are fully-trained and licensed medical professionals, with the skills and knowledge necessary to help your family reach their full potential. They are not the first person you want to go to in an emergency, but focus on preventing & treating chronic illnesses and minor infections. This makes them an excellent choice for natural family healthcare. Below are some of the conditions we commonly treat:

Healthcare You Can Feel Good About

Naturopathic doctors seek to work with you to develop a plan that works for you and your family. And that means, one that you can be excited about! Our focus is always on you, the patient, and it’s important that you have a choice.

Natural medicines come in many different forms, so you always have a choice. C.M. Gibson offers a wide variety of treatments to help you on your way to achieving your health goals:

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Dr. C.M. Gibson, ND

Dr. C.M. Gibson, ND, practices naturopathic medicine at Cornerstone Clinic in Thunder Bay, Wellness Lab in Terrace Bay, and everywhere in between.

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