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Safe, Natural Health Care for All Ages


Dr. Carla Gibson, ND, is accepting new patients in Red Rock.

Appointments available starting November 2020.

If you’re struggling with pain, fatigue, chronic illness, poor digestion, skin problems, infertility, women’s health issues, stress, mental health, or even cancer – naturopathic medicine can help.

Optimize your health and reach your highest potential with naturopathic medicine.


Price: $120/hour

Naturopathic care is covered by most private health insurance plans.

Initial Intake (90 min): $180

Follow-up (45 min): $90

Pediatric Intake (60 min): $100

Pediatric Follow-up (30 min): $50

Location: Superior-Greenstone Learning Centre

(the old public school)

Go to the main entrance and press the buzzer for entrance. Dr. Gibson’s office is the 1st door on your right. If the door is closed, she is likely with a patient, so feel free to take a seat in the hallway until she comes out to meet you.

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