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Want to Lose those Covid Pounds?

Lots of us made wonderful resolutions to get in shape and improve our health in 2020. It was the start of a new decade. Motivation was high.

And then the covid – or other stresses – came in. And many of the best-laid plans went up in smoke.

Let’s make 2021 better. Covid or not.

Join the Club

Weight loss isn’t easy. But it’s easier when we do it together.

I’m a naturopathic doctor, but I’ve had my own struggles with food, and the weight gain that results. I’ve also had some fabulous successes. One thing I’ve learned is that going it alone – even with online support – sometimes just isn’t enough.

Right now, I need this club as much as anyone. And for the purposes of this club, I will just be a member, like you. I’ll be sharing information, but I won’t be providing medical care or advice.


Anyone in the Nipigon / Red Rock area who wants to learn about the best weight loss methods, make friends, and reach a healthy weight that they can maintain for the rest of their lives.


Weekly Meetings: Mondays from 5:30 – 6:30 pm

Official start: Monday, January 11, 2021


We will be meeting at the Superior-Greenstone Learning Centre (the old public school) in Red Rock. Meetings will be held either in Dr. Gibson’s office or one of the conference rooms, depending on numbers. Just go to the front door and press the buzzer to get in.


Joining is free.

There will be some recommended materials: Bright Line Eating by Susan Pierce Thompson ($28 on Amazon) and a digital food scale (about $20 on Amazon). You will probably find them helpful, but they are not necessary in order to join.


Contact Carla Gibson at or call (807) 473-1971.


Ready to commit? Fantastic! I think you’re really going to enjoy this. Just sign up below, and get ready for your life to change. In a good way.

You can also drop in without signing up, but this will give us an idea of how many people to expect, and help us stay in touch.

See You There!

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