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Remember when the doctor came to you?

Northern Ontario now has a Naturopathic Doctor making house calls in Thunder Bay, Nipigon, and surrounding areas

Do you need medical care, but can’t get out of the house? Worried about spreading infection? There was a time when the doctor came to you, instead of the other way around – and C.M. Gibson believes it’s time to bring that tradition back.

Note: As Ontario gradually re-opens after the Covid-19 shutdown, C.M. Gibson is providing health care both in-person and online. Precautions are still being taken to reduce the risk of infection, including pre-screening questions over the phone, and use of personal protective equipment (PPE) by Dr. Gibson while performing any physical exams or treatments that require close contact. If you prefer to wear a mask or PPE, please free to use them. Alternatively, you can book a virtual appointment if you don’t require in-person care.

House Call Request

List in order of preference. The more flexible you are, the likelier Dr. Gibson will be able to drop in, and the more affordable the price will be.

Areas Served

Thunder Bay, Ontario: usually Tuesdays – Thursdays

Nipigon, Ontario: usually Fridays & Saturdays, sometimes Thursday evenings & Tuesday mornings

North Shore (communities between Nipigon & Thunder Bay – Hurkett, Dorion, Red Rock, etc.) – days vary, but usually Tuesday mornings & Thursday evenings work best.


Dr. Gibson is available to make house calls during limited hours, depending on her schedule. These may be during her regular office hours or in the evenings. After you submit the form below, she will contact you by email to arrange a window of time in which she can call. Since she may be seeing several patients and travel times can vary, she won’t be able to give you an exact arrival time, but can usually provide a 2-3 hour window in which you can expect her.

Prefer to be contacted by phone?

If you would rather be contacted by phone, please include your phone number in your message.


If you require immediate care, please visit a walk-in clinic or hospital. A delay in needed healthcare can be very dangerous, and modern conventional medicine does an excellent job of handling emergencies, such as broken bones and heart attacks. Your Naturopathic doctor can aid in the recovery process, but she is not the 1st person you need to see!

If your situation is urgent, but not dire, there are a few things you could do to either see the doctor sooner, or get in touch faster:

  • Book a Virtual Naturopathic Appointment. If you don’t require in-person care, you can speak with Dr. C.M. Gibson online. Availability for virtual appointments are usually better than for house calls.
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday: call (807) 473-1971.
  • Friday or Saturday: email
  • Sunday or Monday: since Dr. Gibson is usually off-line and away from her phone on these days, it may be best to visit your family doctor or local emergency department if you require care before Tuesday.


The cost for a house call is the same as a visit in the clinic, but includes the time spent driving out of her way. The more flexible you can be about days/times, the greater chance she will be able to schedule a visit when she is planning to be in your area, which will keep your costs down. If you live between Nipigon and Thunder Bay, she may be able to drop in during her commute.


If you are a current patient with an account, you can easily pay online. After your appointment is booked, you will receive an invoice directly in your inbox. If you do not have a patient account, we can send you an email to help you get one started. And of course, you can always pay in person by cash or cheque.

House Call Request

List in order of preference. The more flexible you are, the likelier Dr. Gibson will be able to drop in, and the more affordable the price will be.

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