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Get nutrients through food if you can. Colourful fruits and vegetables are usually highly nutritious.

Do you need to be taking supplements?

In a perfect world, I truly believe we would get all the nutrients we need from the food we eat. It was designed that way. And a lot of the time, nature knows better than we do. Figuring out exactly what it is in food that keeps us healthy is harder than it looks. Trying to isolate those factors so we can get all the natural goodness in a pill is a dream that hasn’t quite played out the way we thought. We’ve often got it wrong. So for my money, food is usually the way to go. But not always.

While obtaining nutrients through food is ideal, it is not always possible. Life circumstances, environmental factors, and nutrient depletion can ruin our best intentions. We have busy lives. Farming practices have changed, and our soil isn’t always as healthy as it once was. Processed foods have taken over the store shelves – and years of eating this way can cause problems that are hard to reverse. When dietary changes aren’t enough, supplementation can help.

Types of Supplements

Dr. C.M. Gibson may recommend a supplement based on your specific needs. These may include:

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Amino acids
  • Probiotics
  • Nutraceuticals

Cost of Supplements

The cost of supplements can easily break the bank, if you're not careful.

Dr. Gibson has your budget in mind when prescribing supplements. She will only prescribe those that are necessary for improving or maintaining your health. She will also carefully balance quality and affordability when recommending brands. When she believes a specific company’s quality justifies a higher price tag, she will let you know. But if a more affordable option is likely to have the same results, that’s always the one she will recommend.

For convenience, you may be able to purchase supplements online through C.M. Gibson. While not always possible, she strives to ensure that she is able to offer these supplements at a cost equal or lower than they are available for locally. If she becomes aware of a lower price elsewhere, she will always let you know.

Regulation of Supplements

Supplements are regulated in Canada under the Natural Health Products Regulations. These are some of the strictest regulations of natural health products in the world. Most of the supplements purchased in Canada will be safe, high quality products.

However, be careful when purchasing supplements online. They may be coming from another country where regulations are either not as strict, or not enforced.

Safety of Supplements

Natural supplements have a long history of safe use. They are especially safe when compared with pharmaceutical drugs. In 2017, pharmaceuticals caused over 63 000 reported adverse events, including more than 4100 deaths, in Canada alone. Compared that with natural health products, which accounted for 932 reported adverse events that same year – and 0 deaths. In fact, according to the Government of Canada, natural health products have NEVER been reported to cause a single death in Canada. I feel comfortable recommending supplements because I know how safe they are.

Drugs vs Supplements in Canada, 2017

Pharmaceutical DrugsNatural Supplements
Adverse Events: 63000Adverse Events: 932
Deaths: 4100Deaths, ever: 0

Why Should I Get a Naturopathic Prescription?

Take only the supplements you really need.

Supplements can be picked up by anyone, from any health food store, grocery store, or online seller. So why should you get a prescription from your Naturopathic doctor?

The truth is, there is more to supplements than what is printed on the back of the bottle. And while health food store employees can be extremely helpful, and even knowledgeable, they aren’t your doctor. They don’t know your health history, and they likely don’t have the medical education needed to make the best choice for you.

As your Naturopathic doctor, C.M. Gibson will have a specific reason for every prescription supplement she writes – and will share this with you, so you’re never in the dark about what you’re taking. Just because a supplement is recommended by a popular TV host or health blogger doesn’t mean you need it. A supplement on sale isn’t necessarily a good deal. With a Naturopath on your side, you can ensure that every supplement you spend your hard earned money on is worth it.

Thinking of starting a new supplement? Book in with C.M. Gibson to get expert advice first.

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